War Cross Demo

by War Cross

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released January 2, 2013



all rights reserved


War Cross Springfield, Massachusetts

Jordan, Casey, Stephan, Chris, Adam

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Track Name: consuming fire
preying on those who are poor,

preying on minds of the weak

invading the thoughts of the insecure

murder with the words you speak

blood is on your hands

you justify your hate

you claim to have divine instruction

we're here to crash the gate

lies, deceit, blood on your cross

invader of our land

we will tear you apart

we came in from the night

showing endless resolve

brotherhood of revenge

shadows on the wall

waiting for our moment

you wont hear a sound

we will light the fight

that burns your kingdom down

let the fire consume you...
Track Name: we are the night
almost midnight

brothers awake

destroy your targets

let the earth shake

the shift is changing

its almost here

our enemies will

cower in fear

we are the night
Track Name: enlightened
No longer fear walks by my side, ive looked the devil right in his eye

i see the future

went to the water and dove right in, no longer bound by the chains of sin

i see the future

the power is within you, unleash true potential

hybrid destroyer of the static age

fangs dripping red ready to engage

i see the future

stripped of the blindfold that held us back

2 steps ahead you cant react

i see the future

the power is within you, unleash true potential
Track Name: everyone walks
first off, may i address the court

id like to start with nothing to report

ill plea the 5th till the day i day

a rat cant look his friends in the eye

they don't have anything unless we talk

and if they have nothing then we all walk

they don't have a case but continue to look

so pass on throwing yourself the book

silence will set you free

brought into question cause your living free

you know they want you to be gone but they just cant see

you will overcome when they breed injustice

they want to bleed the sheep but they just cant trust us

silence will set you free
Track Name: cold-blooded
our generation is so fucking cold

because of the evil and war that you sold

watching infa-red soldiers get blown to bits

celebrating death from the couch we sit

and now, we will evolve, cold blooded youth problem solved

and now you look to us expecting a vote

while you endlessly tighten the rope

invading my home and consuming my space

but your plans will blow up in your face

and now, we will evolve, cold blooded youth problem solved